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    Joanna Bicz strives to deliver high quality products that are meaningful and have strong cultural narratives. Her designs reflect on the contemporary society. She also draws inspiration from a variety of sources, and her designs are reflective of her own personal history, strongly rooted to traditional and diverse European cultures.


    Education and Skills

    London Metropolitan University
        BA Furniture and Product Design, 2:1

    Lambeth College, Vauxhall Centre
        Web Design & Animation

    Lambeth College, Brixton Centre
        Information and Communication Technology

    Lambeth College, Clapham Centre       
        Garden Design

    •    Designing furniture and products to set briefs.
    •    Creating detailed technical drawings.
    •    Creating 3D visualisations.
    •    Liaising with manufacturers.
    •    Checking the quality of sample products.
    •    Remaining up to date with current trends.
    •    Remaining up to date with current materials and manufacturing processes.
    •    Conducting the administration of design registration documentation.

    •    Software (AutoCad, SolidWorks, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamveaver, MS Office)


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