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    In the contemporary world we are constantly exposed to stress. In the era of multitasking, life on a run, we juggle work and home trying our best to cope with responsibilities. We are expected to be constantly available and at the same time we are bombarded with numerous threats to our health and even our lives. Although we are aware of this ‘life load’ and feel we are lacking something, and this ‘something’ is very hard to define…
    It is easier to define however, how stress impacts how we function. The aftermath of living under pressure are heart diseases, depressions and anxieties. The lack of this ‘something’ –the spirituality, influences the life quality of individuals, but also it impacts the functioning of whole society.
    In recent years in the developed world there has been a growing interest in meditation as a solution to the omnipresent stress. It is the meditation that could have given us this ‘something’, which would fill the void of our lives and give us a moment to breathe in our everyday race. Meditation is a method of working with our brain, which engages a longstanding focus and results with progressive training of muscular relaxation and muting the mind. Meditation allows us to gain the ‘spiritual consciousness’ and make us more open to ideas.
    In my response to the brief I design a meditation seat, which has a contemporary feel, semiotic meaningfulness and also accommodates ergonomically needs of the people exercising the meditation within a domestic context.

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